To receive recognition for all our hard work over the last 20 yrs means a lot. Thank you for all those who voted for us. 

We have been in the pet care industry for twenty years after building our luxury animal boarding establishment The Drovers Rest in 2001

There is not much we haven’t seen over the years, that is why when we looked at expanding into dog and cat supplies we knew what products were perfect for your best mate and what to stay clear of.

Everything we sell, we use at home and in our facility as we always have lots of furry friends boarding.

For us at Drovers Dog & Co, dogs and cats are our life and everything we use from slow feeder bowls to the leather leads and toys are what we have found to be the best products through 20 years of experience.

We are constantly sourcing and creating the best products for your pets.

Open 7 Days a Week

Mornings: 7am – 10am
Afternoons: 3pm – 6pm

After hours: Appointments available for a small charge.